Writing Character

I hope you’ll find the Hanged Man Rises packed with rich and interesting characters; creepy Mrs Rancer, wild Stitcher, fragile Lily. But the one I had most trouble with was Hannah, the sassy, infuriating, fiercely loyal 12 year old sister of my protagonist, Titus. She didn’t start off that way. This is how she was…

Eau d’agneau

Annoyingly enough it doesn’t smell half as bad as I hoped. I might squirt it with Impulse and try and sell it on Ebay as genuine Floris. Although the jam-jar might give it away.

Lamb fat rendering

This is how you make a tallow candle. It’s a long and smelly process and everything in your kitchen ends up covered in grease (especially if your extractor stopped working two years ago). The veggie husband loved it.