Wow, it’s dusty in here.

Let me just step over these piles of newspaper and boxes and – Oh, I wondered where that was…

Right, well. Here we are again. Long time no see. A lot’s happened since I last blogged: namely I’ve signed a two book deal with Trapeze, which is a brand new imprint of Orion. The first of these books is called “Tattletale”, and is out in March. It’s a psychological thriller for adults, and you can pre-order it here: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Tattletale-Sarah-J-Naughton/dp/1409170225/ref=cm_cr_arp_d_product_top?ie=UTF8

cseig4lweaaydwhI must say the crime scene is lots of fun. I particularly enjoyed the Harrogate, Cheltenham and Killer Women Festivals, where I met some very famous authors, some of whom were good enough to read the book and give me some great cover blurbs:

‘A gripping thriller. Delivers suspense, twists and sharp writing.’ Lisa Jewell, author of I FOUND YOU

‘I thoroughly enjoyed TATTLETALE, sympathetic characters and neck breaking twists – highly recommended’ Jenny Blackhurst, author of BEFORE I LET YOU IN
‘a fast paced, brilliant page-turner…I predict a hit’ Liz Nugent

‘…deliciously clever – I still haven’t stopped thinking about the magnificent, twisted construction of it’ Emma Kavanagh, author of THE MISSING HOURS

‘It’s one of the best debuts I’ve read. It deserves to be MASSIVE.’ Julia Crouch

‘Lies, mystery and murder wrought by childhood trauma in this compulsive, twisty thriller.’ Helen Smith, author of BEYOND BELIEF

‘A well-crafted tale of love, obsession and murder – beautifully written and brilliantly twisted.’ Ava Marsh, author of EXPOSURE

Also a very nice early review on Liz Loves Books: http://lizlovesbooks.com/lizlovesbooks/ones-to-watch-in-2017-tattletale-sarah-j-naughton/

I’ve really enjoyed writing thrillers, and it doesn’t feel like too much of a step away from the YA stuff, but if you’re a kid reading this, probably best to save Tattletale until you’re a bit older.

Thanks to anyone still hanging around here.  I promise to be more diligent in my blogging from now on…



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