The Hanged Man Rises – Reviews


The Telegraph’s 100 Best Books for Christmas

“Sarah Naughton’s acclaimed novel, set in the Victorian era amidst the crime ridden slums of backstreet London, where no-one is safe, particularly children. This is an absorbing tale of murder – child murder no less – and dark, brooding evil doings and characters aplenty.”


“A chilling and addictive novel…  I did not want to put this book down and read it in one sitting… This is a fantastic debut, I loved it and cannot wait to read more from this author.”

Books for Keeps

“A tense thriller… A rich mix of intrigue and the macabre… The narrative style is briskly contemporary ensuring young readers will be able to turn the pages effortlessly.  And there is plenty of action to excite them.”

Close Up

“A stunning and spooky debut.”


“An absorbing read with lots of interesting info about the time.”

London Baby

“A fantastic ‘whodunit’ for children and adults, alike… A devilishly delectable read… One of the best Victorian-set novels pitched for modern readers… The gritty, gripping tale takes you on a fabulous journey.  Be forewarned, the story is, at times, purely terrifying.”

Families Magazine

“A fast paced gothic horror for children with interesting details about Victorian life which make the book educational as well as entertaining.”

The School Librarian

“Multi-layered and full of graphic detail.. The horror (is) chillingly conveyed… Not for the faint-hearted.  Detailed and vivid descriptive writing, plus a strong storyline.’

South China Morning Post

“A tense thriller… Naughton pushes readers to the edge of their seats with her atmospheric writing and focused storytelling… Mayhem and mystery on every page… Inventive and unnerving… The Hanged Man is a very impressive debut, one that lassoes the reader with its first thrilling chapter and won’t release you until the mystery is solved.”


“The Hanged Man Rises is a brilliant and deliciously creepy historical novel… Full of suspense, and excitement, this debut is a thoroughly enjoyable page-turner. Sarah Naughton’s second novel will be highly anticipated.”


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