Vampire Babies


Here’s me chatting to the year 4 and 5 kids of the Hackney primary school I visited on Wednesday.

They were a savvy bunch, and many more of them than usual survived the cull in my Victorian ‘It’s a Knockout’ game.  Several of them even chose the right Victorian career (pure collector*) that meant they made it to the ripe old age of sixteen.

I loved all the exciting and imaginative stories they came up with: from vampire babies in locked crypts, to black holes ready to suck in unwary astronauts: from a slave who dreams of the sea, to sand monsters, starving fugitives and evil scientists.
They were such a bright, vibrant and engaging bunch, I could have stayed all day, and I’m looking forward to going back when The Blood List comes out in February, to talk to them about witches, changelings and thoroughly wicked brothers.
Thanks for having me!
*In this context ‘pure’ doesn’t mean what you might expect.**
** It means dog poo.

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