Amy’s review of my workshop


Here’s a review of my workshop from one of Bruton School for Girls’ very talented writers (and clear connoisseur of author talks).  Thanks, Amy, and keep up the good writing.

On the 7th of June 2013, Sarah Naughton came to the school to tell Seniors 1, 2 and 3 about her book, “The Hanged Man Rises”.

She gave a very inspiring talk about how she’d always known that she wanted to be an author, right from the start. She gave some useful tips for budding writers, like “never put your dreams on hold”. She also shared some background information on the Victorian times, the era in which her book is set.

She told us that most of us would have died if we lived in Victorian times, proving that most of the things we take for granted were not available back then.

Sarah also held a creative writing workshop. She handed out pictures of Victorian families and asked us to write background information about one of the characters in the photo. Then Sarah asked us to pair up and share the information about our two characters. I went with Alina and we found that our characters could relate to each other as one of their parents had both died.

Next she asked us to go away and, separately, write the scene in which they met. Here is an extract from my piece:

‘Freya raced down the long corridors that made up her stepmother’s house. “Wait! Wait for me!” Lola tottered after her, stumbling down the narrow hallway as fast as her little legs would carry her.

Freya ignored her and ran straight on. She barged past a bemused looking butler and ran outside.

She was free at last! The whole world of neat hedgerows and tidy flowers was hers once more.’


I, as a budding writer myself, very much enjoyed the experience and am looking forward to reading my copy of Sarah’s book.


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